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HTC Desire C Manual User Guide

HTC Desire C Manual - If you are the owner of HTC Desire C, you can find HTC Desire C manual link download in this website beside you can get it also in HTC website. Desire C guide contains about information that formatted in pdf which have 158 pages and size 5.96 mb. With this HTC Desire C PDF , you will be guided to operate your smart phone. There are so many information you can find in this pdf that you can read in your device if it has pdf application or you can read on your PC by using PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. Some of this pdf information is talking about how to configure or use your mobile phone. it is such as Setting up HTC Desire C for the first time, Features you'll enjoy on HTC Desire C, Switching between recently opened apps, Adding apps and other shortcuts on your Home screen, Using Speed dial, Browsing the Web, Merging contact information, Updating your status in Friend Stream, troubleshooting and other information. You have download it here if you want to get full information.
In HTC Desire C User manual you will find some chapter in table content. We will give you the table content below.

  1. Unboxing
  2. Your first week with your new phone
  3. Personalizing
  4. Phone calls
  5. Messages
  6. Search and Web browser
  7. Camera
  8. Photos, videos, and music
  9. Accounts and sync
  10. People
  11. Social
  12. Email
  13. Calendar
  14. Online storage and services
  15. Travel and maps
  16. Essential apps
  17. Google Play and other apps
  18. Your phone and computer
  19. Internet connections
  20. Bluetooth and NFC
  21. Settings and security
  22. Other essentials
  23. Trademarks and copyrights
  24. Index

Find Download link Below
HTC Desire C Manual in English (PDF)

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