Senin, 23 Juli 2012

Google Nexus 7 Manual or GuideBook

Google Nexus 7 manual or Guidebook is available now directly from Google website,, even its tablet has not been released yet. Beside information about Link for download, we also provide you about information or summary of Google Nexus 7 guidebook. Nexus 7 user guide comes with pdf file format with 90 pages and 10.12 mb of size. You will find information about instruction guide in this pdf ebook such as turn on the tablet, jelly bean tips, browse home screen, swipe up for google, use google play, manage download, privacy, use the keyboard, set the calender, change wallpaper, wifi settings, back up tablet, format tablet, connect to pc, Trouble shooting and many more.

In Google Nexus 7 User manual you will find some chapter in table content. We will give you the table content below.
  • Get started
  • Play and explore
  • Make yourself at home
  • Make Search personal
  • Tune performance
  • Enter and Edit Text
  • Connect to networks
  • Connect to devices
  • Manage accounts
  • Secure your tablet
Find Download link Below
Google Nexus 7 Manual in English (PDF)

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